Multi Holes Foldable Cats Tunnels For Indoor And Outdoor Training

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It's the end of bored kitties with this playing tunnel with the pompom ball!

This toy is the natural choice of true cat lovers :)

Do you like to see your cat entertained and exercising? Of course you do! 

What is the number one challenge cat owners face all over the globe? - Bored kitties, so greatly bored that become destructive, ruining the furniture and other things along the way, creating unrest and havoc!

Here are the good news: PROBLEM SOLVED! With this playing tunnel generating lots of fun and exercise, instant entertainment is guaranteed for your kitty, and the focus is now transferred from destroying things to exploring the tunnel and playing with the pompom ball. It will work like a charm even for the wildest kittens :)

Product Details: 

  • Material:Polyester, Crackle Paper and Steel Sprung Frame
  • Caliber diameter: About 25cm / 9.84in
  • Folded diameter: About 28cm / 11.02in
  • Style: Four-way type, Y type, T type, Single Tunnel
  • Tunnel comes with a pompom ball for enticing cats to play

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