Plastic Foldable Travel Water Feeder Bottle For Dogs And Cats

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Feel relieved for having a quick and easy way to supply your adorable pet with water, put an end to difficult and ineffective pet water feeding using ordinary bottles not fit for purpose!

Specially designed for dogs of all sizes (including puppies) and cats,very easy to use, made from good quality materials, this bottle is all your lovely pet could wish for. It has come the time that water feeding stops being an uncomfortable experience both for pet and owner shifting to an enjoyable, simple and practical one :)

Don't you like to provide the best comfort and pampering to your pets? I bet you do!

What's the main issue when a pet owner provides water feeding to a pet? Lots of uncomfort and unfitness for purpose when using ordinary bottles, which is what happens most of the time.

The good news is this PROBLEM is SOLVED! With this ingenious and practical water bottle specially designed for pets, which will make your life easier and completely transform your pets experience when drinking water for good, this bottle will become their favourite "apparel" :) 

Product Description:

  • Item:Pet Water Bottle
  • Material:Plastic
  • Capacity:250ml or 500ml
  • Size:20cm*5.2cm*5cm (250ml) or 26cm*6.5cm*6cm (500ml)
  • Colors:Red,Pink,Blue,Green

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