Outdoor Water Fountain Sprinkler for Cats and Dogs

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Make available to your adorable pets fresh water, keeping them refreshed in a very practical and easy way!

Do you like to pamper your pets and give them the best? I bet you do!

What is the biggest issue with drinking water and pets? It's that the water on a bowl or dish outside doesn't stay clean for too long or can evaporate quickly with very warm weather.

That is about to change and become past once you decide to get this marvellous outdoor pet water fountain designed for easy usage and practicality, leaving your pets refreshed and hydrated! It can be easily connected to a tap or hose. When your pet needs a drink, it's as easy as stepping on the paw pad to activate a stream of fresh, cool water. With the water supply always running, your furry friends will always have a cool drink ready to go!

Product Details:

  • Material: Plastic and Durable Steel
  • Size: 21.9*21.4*7 cm
  • Fresh water whenever your pet wants
  • Hose length: 41"
  • Non stagnant water
  • Easily attaches to hose or faucet
  • Includes 2-way hose splitter 
  • Easy to press pad for releasing water
  • Package Contents: 1 x Dog Fountain and 1 x User Manual

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