Anti-Anxiety and Stress Relief Jacket for Dogs

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Help your dog calming down in stressful situations like fireworks, thunder storms, visiting the vet, car or airplane travels (just to name a few) with this easy to use and comfortable jacket, suitable for all occasions.

What is one of the most difficult problems dog owners face when their dogs are stressing out, suffering and panicking over some situation? It's being able to effectively ease their dog suffering, reduce it and even eliminate it promptly with a simple solution. 

    The PROBLEM IS SOLVED with this effective and simple to use anti-anxiety and stress relief jacket! Your dog will tendentiously calm down and overcome the fear or anxiety state, transitioning to a normal relaxed state some time after wearing the jacket.

    Product Details:

    • Applies a gentle, constant pressure at the dog's body relieving fear, anxiety, and over-excitement
    • Calms dogs down and makes them feel safe
    • Made of lightweight and breathable fabrics that won't hurt dog's skin even after long usage
    • Durable and machine washable material 
    • Suitable for dogs all year round 
    • Must wrap around the dog's body to be effective (please make sure you measure your dog before ordering)
    • Typically calms down dogs during thunder storms, fireworks, vet visits, car travel, crating and many more situations
    • Very easy to put on and take off (hook-and-loop fasteners makes it easy adjusting for gentle pressure mostly for any sized dogs)
    • Without any complicated straps or buckles (applies in minutes)
    • Material: Cotton
    • Colours:Blue, Dark Grey, Light Grey and Dark Pink
    • Package Contents: 1 x anti-anxiety jacket

    Sizing Details:

    XS - Back Length 23cm(9.06") - Chest 41-48cm(16.1"-18.9") - Neck 26-36cm(10.24"-14.2")

    S - Back Length 30cm(11.8") - Chest 48-58cm(18.9"-22.8") - Neck 32-39cm(12.6"-15.4")

    M - Back Length 34cm(13.4") - Chest 58-68cm(22.8"-26.8") - Neck 46-53cm(18.1"-20.9")

    L - Back Length 36cm(14.2") - Chest 68-78cm(26.8"-30.7") - Neck 59-65cm(23.2"-26")

    XL - Back Length 44cm(17.32") - Chest 76-93cm(29.92"-36.61") - Neck 66-79cm(26"-31.1")

    NOTE: Please browse the product image gallery to learn how to measure your dog.

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