Grooming Adjustable Anti-Scratching And Bite Restraint Bath Bag For Cats

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The trouble every time your cat needs to take a bath, nail cutting, taking medication or some sort of activity where he/she needs to be quiet is about to come to an end!

Do you like to take proper care of your cat no matter what the "feline mood" may be? Of course you do! After all it's your baby :)

What is the number one issue cat owners face when the great moment of truth related to grooming and health comes? - Cats full of nervousness, stress, discomfort, mistrust and rebellion, to a point that it's impossible to control them and you end up not being able to do what needed to be done, that was important for their well being and health.

This is now history, PROBLEM SOLVED! This ingenious and resistant grooming bath bag for cats will once and for all allow you to have complete control of your cat in a comfortable and compassionate manner, allowing you doing what you need to do, without risking ending up with lots of scratches and bites, those are just "love signs" from your furry friend but if you can avoid them, why not? :)

Product Description:

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Multi Use: Cat bathing, nail cutting, ear cleaning, tooth cleaning, feeding, eye drops, giving medications, injections, eye care
  • Feature: Mesh, breathable
  • Adjustable buckle for cats of different sizes and ages
  • Reduces risk of cat scratches and bites
  • High quality polyester, designed to allow water to enter and exit while bathing
  • Quick drying and strong material

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