Paw Washer Cup With Silicone Washing Brush For Cats And Dogs

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Make your life and your pet's life easier when paw hygiene is required so that your home doesn't turn into a tough mudder scenario!

Pets simply like mud and getting dirty and don't care at all if your lovely home is tidy and neat :)

Do you like a neat and well treated pet? I bet you do!

What's the biggest issue pet owners face when their pets have been playing and walking in the mud or dirt or both? It's so difficult to clean their paws properly so that the place doesn't get all marked with paws!

Good news! With this very practical and simple to use paw cleaning rotating mug the PROBLEM is SOLVED! No matter how muddy and dirty your pet's paws are it's simple, quick, effective and comfortable to clean them, avoiding the multiplication of mud and dirt all over your place :)

Product Details:

  • Material: Plastic and Silicone 
  • Rotates 360°
  • Bottom silicone brush to clean the  foot sole
  • Colours: Blue and Pink
  • Size: Around 152.5mm * 91mm * 131.5mm /6.00 * 3.58 * 5.18in
  • Suitable for small and medium sized dogs and for cats
  • Faster cleaning than ordinary paw cleaning mugs
  • Package Content: 1 foot cleaner mug

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