Cats Warm Soft Hammock For Hanging or Mat

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Provide an ingenious, clever and fun resting and hiding place to your lovely cat pet!

Very practical, space saving, comfortable, warm and good quality hammock, there's no way your cat won't love it and select it as the new "sweet spot" of your home :)

Do you like to pamper your cat pet? Of course you do! Who can resist that amused look and classy laziness of a furry friend? :)

What is the number one issue cat owners face all over the world? - Bored and unpredictable cats, that can become "destruction machines" and ruin the furniture or other things along the way, creating unrest and havoc.

PROBLEM SOLVED! This hammock will become your cat pet favourite spot in your home, being a hiding or resting place, depending on your furry friend's mood and personality. When boredom attacks there's a more interesting choice for your pet cat than destroying objects: hide or sleep! :)

Product Details:

  • Material:100% Cotton
  • Colour: Black, Grey
  • Ingenious space-saving attaches under chairs or tables and on cages
  • Provides a sense of comfort, warmth and security
  • Fully adjustable and secure
  • Removes easily for storage or travel
  • Includes four anti-slip rubber rings and four buckles for increased safety and steadiness
  • .Size:400x400mm
  • Package Content: 1 x Cat Hammock, 4 x Anti-slip Rubber Rings (random colour), 4 x Buckles
  • For cat hide and sleep 
  • Easy to clean; Hand wash or in washing machine (please remove buckles and rubber rings or use a washing bag to protect your washing machine from damage)

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